Our Aluminum Metal Prints

Our Aluminum Metal Prints

Important Facts About Aluminum Metal Prints

Your precious photos take on a bright, vibrant, luminescent quality when printed on metal. Kiss Me Monster's Metal Prints are made using a very expensive dye-sublimation process.  The inks are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, using high temperature and pressure. The results will simply take your breath away!

  • Vibrant Color
  • Durable prints without glass
  • Waterproof

Print Surfaces

Please note, the coating on metal prints sometimes contains small imperfections, such as small depressions or bumps.  We carefully inspect each aluminium sheet and if there are imperfections, we try to place them in the most unobtrusive parts of the image.  We cannot remake metal prints due to these imperfections, unless they are located in a very prominent part of the image.

Fade Testing Results

The high definition, vibrant colors of ChromaLuxe coupled with superior fade, moisture, stain, and scratch resistant properties make ChromaLuxe an excellent choice for commercial, fine art and home décor applications. Two independent laboratories have conducted environmental life tests on ChromaLuxe Photo Panels and have concluded that ChromaLuxe Hi-Def Metal prints are the longest lasting photo medium in the market. The first laboratories’ testing replicated the effects of incandescent lighting along with indirect natural sunlight against the likelihood of noticeable fading over time. 

ChromaLuxe was compared against the top three long-lasting (archival) photo papers with test results showing that ChromaLuxe lasts twice as long as the next closest photo paper and four times longer than the third best photo paper. The second independent laboratories’ testing replicated the effects of fluorescent lighting in a windowless office environment. In this test, measuring the likelihood of noticeable fading, ChromaLuxe outlasted its next closest long-lasting photo paper by a factor of 1.7 times the life of the photo paper.

​​Metal Prints with Wall Hanging Options

We offer two types of wall hanging options: Shadow Mounts and Stainless Steel Posts.

Shadow mount is a black, wooden, block that is attached to the back of the metal print. Shadow mounts, because of their larger contact surface, tend to hold the metal print flatter and more rigidly. They also provide a finished black back, if the print is viewed from the side. Shadow Mounts hold the metal print a half inch away from the wall, so the metal print appears to “float” in front of the wall.

Stainless Steel Posts give metal prints a modern, signage look.  The posts are 3/4 of an inch in diameter and hold the print 3/4 of an inch off the wall. The posts attach through holes in the four corners of the metal print.  The barrels of the posts screw to the wall and then the threaded caps screw into the stainless steel barrels to attach the print to the wall.Sizes and Prices including available mounting options.