Abandon All Hope Hell Explored

Abandon All Hope Hell Explored

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Dimensions 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches
Author E.R. Vernor aka Corvis Nocturnum
ISBN-13 978-1539993209
Cover Paperback
Publisher Dark Moon Press
Release Date May 15th, 2016
Language English


Mankind has been enamored by the concept of a place of damnation and everlasting torment for wrong doing since time immemorial. The duality of good and evil are so prominent since prehistoric times that as we sought to unravel the mysteries in our strange and frightening world our ancestors wove tales of deities of not only Heaven but that of the horrors of the journey one might take into the afterlife void of light and hope. This universal concept has evolved from old campfire tales to become complex ideas that took form into the dogma of religions before the advent of Judeo-Christianity. Meticulously detailed and illustrated, "Abandon All Hope, Hell Explored" traces the origins of many myths, religions and our popular culture shared beliefs in this terrifying underworld. Learn about its influence on theology, literature, and modern entertainment. Occult scholar and reverend E.R. Vernor compiles this and more in 240 pages, including revealing the long-hidden gateways into Hell around the world.

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